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At Home Care & Advice


Great tips for keeping your extensions fresh when washing at home.

  • Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

  • Only use paraben and sulfate free products

  • Avoid products with the words “repair” or “protein”

  • Gently wash in between rows and rinse extra thoroughly

  • Consider a clarifying shampoo every 6-8 weeks to combat product buildup

  • Follow with a low PH moisturizing conditioner


Maintain & Style

Advice on how to keep your extensions looking great without getting damaged.

  • Keep hot tools under 350

  • Apply a leave in conditioner before brushing

  • Hold wefts while brushing

  • Brush up to the base of the weft but carefully brush around the base of the row

  • Avoid using a round brush until wefts are 90% dry

  • Blow dry on low or medium

  • Apply a light clear oil daily to help with with moisture (Avoid yellow oils!)

  • Braid or place in a low bun/pony during the evening

  • Discover the life-changing magic of satin pillowcases

  • Use lightweight thermal protectants on damp hair only


What not to do while wearing Invisible Bead Extensions!

  • Avoid direct contact with sunscreen, chemicals + medicated skin care products

  • Do not sleep on wet hair

  • Do not put hair up if wet

  • Avobenzone (an active ingredient in sunscreen) will turn extensions a peach or orange tone and often is irreversible

  • Do not oil extensions with colored hair oil

  • Avoid pulling or tugging while drying and styling

  • Salt water and chlorine can cause discoloration, if swimming saturate with fresh water first and then seal with a rich & thick conditioner

  • Heavy oils, masques, and protein treatments.

A Word to the Blonds

Do blonds really have more fun? Not if they don't follow these special instructions!

  • Be gentle, be kind. Avoid using high direct heat during blowing blonde extensions are more fragile

  • Avoid using round brushes while styling at home

  • Be careful with violet shampoo! Extensions absorb and hold violet much quicker than your natural hair well… If using violet shampoo dilute it with another moisturizing shampoo or only use it on half wash days

Your stylist is a trained professional, let them work their Magic… they have been masterly trained! Follow these at home remedies and always use caution!


I'm Vic, your local extension specialist.

My passion drives from my own experience with hating my fine hair that won’t grow and looking for a non-damaging solution for all of us to get the hair we want!

While I am certified in over 8 different techniques and methods, I specifically do Invisible Bead Extensions  because in all my research, I have never found a method I believe in more.

I also choose to specialize in lived in color techniques because I believe they are the healthiest long-term.


Protecting your natural hair is my ultimate goal...while still providing the color and fullness you want to feel your best!

I love supporting and building up each one of my clients because women supporting women is the change I want to see in the world.

I can't wait to meet you and hope to have you in my chair soon!

Meet Victoria


Must Have Products


Surface: Bassu Oil

Surface Bassu Hydrating Oil softens hair and seals color. This oil intensifies shine and can be used wet and dry.


Goldie Locks Products

Pure shampoo & Conditioner with natural ingredients keep your scalp healthy. Brings back moisture and glossy hair, fills up softness and nutrients and intensively takes care of dry and damaged hair.


Davines: All in One Milk

Lightweight OI All In One Milk is a multi-function leave-in spray treatment that softens, detangles, controls frizz and protects the hair from heat.

Coming Soon!

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 1.49.03 PM.png

Strands of Humanity

Boar Bristle Brush

Made with time-honored tradition and destined for a lifetime of luxury, these are hairbrushes made to care for you like no other.

We sourced 100% boar bristle and used only the root [a sign of luxury in the brush world] It’s the ideal balance of softness and strength.

To purchase these or any other of our amazing products, shop the link below!


Protecting your natural hair is my ultimate goal! I hope using my suggested techniques along side these amazing products will give you your dream hair! 

Reach out if you have any questions,

I'm always here for my girls!!

Victoria Rose Salon (14).png


Gorgeous Hair!

Are you a NEW client wanting more length, more volume, more color?...I can give you all of this and MORE!!

Although I'm fully booked, and currently not taking on new clients, I would love to get you
on my waitlist. Or get connected with one of my talented co-workers; they really are the best! We can't wait to meet you.

Work Together

Need a place to showcase your skills?...I got you! My latest project: Victoria Rose Studios, is now open and quickly becoming a new hotspot in Louisburg, KS.


All of our studios are currently full, but we would love to add you to the wait list. Apply to see if we are a perfect match.

Apply to work with me at VR Studios.

Follow us on social media for more before & afters, renovation pictures, and updates!

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